Boschert GmbH

Active for some 70 years in the sheet metal industry, we take you along to a company which epitomizes the “made in Germany”.

In the south of the black forest, the city of Lörrach lies a short distance away from Basel and the Swiss border. This is where Boschert GmbH, with its 115 employees, manufactures a wide range of machines for sheet metal forming.

At the head the company since 1989, Peter Kunz is not a manager. He is not a director either. Peter Kunz is a boss, in the noble sense of the term. Taking a walk with him on the factory floor, one can easily understand the kind of relationship he has with each of his employees; one based on trust and mutual respect. It comes thus as no surprise that three out of four employees are former apprentices, a statistic that says a lot about the company itself! Consequently, Boschert GmbH has and keeps one of the core values guarantying the success of a company; know-how. Combined with modern production technologies, this know-how allows Boschert GmbH to occupy the leading position it has in the market today.

At the beginning of the seventies, the company began producing notching machines, which were followed a few years later by punching machines. Over the years, many customers insisted that the company expand its range, which it did by starting to produce shears and press brakes, in collaboration with their Greek partner Gizelis. At the beginning, Boschert tried to produce its own numerical control. But they quickly realized that in this field, they lacked what was their strength elsewhere; this famous know-how. And that’s where Cybelec comes in. Nowadays, Boschert and Gizelis install any model of the range of machines from Cybelec, depending of the demands of the customers.

Boschert and Cybelec quickly found each other on the innovation field. As part of the development of its copper shaping machine range, Boschert called on Cybelec’s experience in the field of numerical controls this year.  A unique machine, combining three functions will come out of this collaboration. Controlled by a CybTouch 12 specially designed for this concept, this machine will be able to punch, shear and bend from the same working station. It should become available during the first half of the year.