The new ModEva 19T

Completing the transition to touch-only controls, Cybelec took advantage of its presence at EuroBLECH to introduce its latest ModEva evolution.

Riding the touchscreen wave, we took the last step separating us from smart phones and other tablets by digitizing the last buttons present on our ModEva consoles.

The gathering of the sheet metal industry’s leaders in Hanover was the perfect showcase to present the fruit of our efforts, our new ModEva 19T. Boasting the same classic design, ModEva 19T is nevertheless the first ModEva to be entirely touchscreen. On a planet where most of everyday communication is done by applying one’s finger onto a screen, this last digitizing step seemed perfectly logical to us. It’s a fact that the most common reaction nowadays when facing a screen is to touch it! With this in mind, we made good use our half-century experience in the numerical control technology to offer today ModEva 19T.

The space freed by the physical buttons allows ModEva 19T to display a very large 19 inch screen. The additional screen surface is used for traditional buttons, such as Start and Stop for example. But most of this area is available for the customer to place a complete set of buttons directly provided by Cybelec. Or better yet, he can also create his own buttons, which can very easily be integrated, just as his logo for example.

The latest improvements hide behind the scenes. Windows 7 Embedded is now the operating system running in the background. With a more powerful processor and expanded memory, it guarantees better performance.