The New CybTouch 8 G

Following the market’s lead, Cybelec offers now a numerical control intended for shears with a larger screen.

 Stopping production of DNC61G meant that it had to be replaced in our range of products. Users of this former model did not have to wait for a long time, since we are offering now a control of the CybTouch family, with all the advantages it implies.

Moving from DNC to CybTouch technology means taking a leap in time, and switching to a completely different concept. The first major difference lies in the fully touchscreen interface, whose user-friendliness is only but one of the advantages it is given credit for. Always designed to make the operator’s life easier, the screen only displays the necessary data for the task at hand, and the important data are highlighted so that they can be read from a distance.

Beyond the visible aspects, the CybTouch 8 G is also a powerful numerical control, which is able to manage most of today’s auxiliary devices that are added to modern shears, from sheet support to anti-twist devices, including RTS function (Return To Sender). But as much as for the more traditional functions such as blade gap or angle and cutting length, all these functions are entirely automatized, allowing the operator to focus only on his task. The CybTouch 8 G is therefore not a simple replacement, but truly a jump in the future.