Very simple to use with intuitive touch screen programming


Higher quality and productivity increase


Powerful features for maximum output





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CybTouch  8 G is the powerful complement to all types of adjustable rake angle or swing shears.
Like all CybTouch products, it was designed so that anybody could start using it right away. With a very intuitive HMI displaying only the necessary information, and a high level of automation, CybTouch 8 G is extremely easy to use.
CybTouch 8 G is available as a robust panel ready to be integrated, or can optionally also be delivered mounted into a sleek and modern housing specially designed to be attached to a swiveling arm.



Easy operating

  • High-contrast touchscreen, with vivid colors.
  • Simple pages, large keys, clear display with all the information the operator needs.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Complete programming of parts in seconds.
  • Quick set up of the machine with the EasyCut page.
  • Contextual help and warning pop-up.

Better Cutting

  • Automatic calculations of the shear functions according to material specifications.
  • Automatic blade gap.
  • Automatic cutting angle.
  • Automatic cutting length.
  • Automatic back gauge correction.
  • Automatic back gauge foldaway.
  • Anti-twist management.
  • 2/3- position sheet support.
  • Return to sender function (RTS).
  • Front or back gauge management.
  • Parking position (foldaway function).
  • Hold-downs pressure management.
  • System pressure management.
  • Sheet position offset, allowing cutting in the middle.


  • Large cutting sequences and programs can be memorized.
  • Easy communication via wireless connection to a laptop computer.
  • Over 10 languages available.




As all CybTouch, CybTouch 8 G is delivered with CybTouchTools. This software allows wireless transfer of data between a laptop computer and CybTouch (requires optional RFLink USB key). It is used to backup/restore machine parameters, tools and parts, as well as updating the firmware.