The only Full 3D Numerical Control on the market

Automatic bending, gauging, tooling solution

Importing 3D models





ModEva 19 RA is the most powerful Numerical Control on the market for bending applications, allowing you to handle your most complicated projects directly on the press brake by means of the most sophisticated tasks. 
The full 3D ModEva 19 RA software offers better bending thanks to high-performance features, such as importing 3D models or DXF files, automatic tools segmentation and video-like simulation, all of which efficiently assist operators in the completion of their daily tasks. Easy and intuitive operating, like the possibility to draw with the tip of your finger 2D profiles directly on the touch, will all ultimately lead to faster and better quality bending.
PC-RA Premium offline software gives the office operator exactly the same programming possibilities as on the ModEva 19 RA, allowing ready-for-production parts to be easily imported, created and prepared off-line.
As an alternative MetaBEND, a powerful off-line software, optimizes part creation productivity by proposing all CAD/CAM features required by the sheet metal industry.
ModEva 19 RA numerical control units can control up to 18 axes. The software can manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, or slave axes, among others. The software naturally also enables manufacturers to configure axes, inputs/outputs, and auxiliary functions according to their needs, and best of all gives them an area on the screen where they can add their own buttons.







Easy Operating

  • Simple intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Full 3D video-like simulation.
  • Multiple viewpoints while working.
  • Machine components can be individually made invisible for better job examination.
  • Automatic or interactive solutions for bending sequences, gauging, corner gauging, and tool mounting.

Better Bending

Creating Programs:

  • 3D collision detection.
  • On-screen finger profile drawing.
  • 3D models can be imported from PC RA Premium offline or MetaBEND software.
  • Direct programming.
  • User-defined table for bend deduction.


  • Imported from PC RA Premium offline or MetaBEND software.
  • Created using parameters.
  • Automatic tool station dimensioning and positioning.
  • Automatic tool shape selection.
  • Automatic tool station segmentation.
  • Delivered with major tool manufacturers’ catalogs.
  • Tool mounts can be edited interactively.


  • Rapid solution computation.
  • An almost unlimited quantity of programs and sequences.
  • Smooth and fast 3D motion.
  • Windows XP Pro Compact for multitasking and file management.
  • Importing DXF flat patterns with folding information.
  • Importing 3D models (MetaBEND, IGES).
  • Exporting computed flat patterns as DXF files.


Extra available options for ModEva RA Premium

Extensions for sheet support, bending aids, angle measurement devices, die displacers, etc.

Bundled Offline Software

RA Premium software’s interface is identical on both the Numerical Control and the PC.
ModEva 19 RA is supplied with two RA Premium licenses, one already installed on the Numerical Control and the other to be installed on a desktop computer.